Welcome to OkiDoki (おきどき) CIRCLE!


Hello fellow Inner Circle! We’re one of WINNER Subbing squad that currently specialized to sub Japanese videos. To get more updated with WINNER’s English sub videos, you can find us in:

Twitter: @okidokicircle

Youtube: おきどき Circle & 01 おきどき Circle

Dailymotion: Okidoki Circle & OkidokiCircle.01

Facebook: Okidoki Circle

The most important thing from this website is the list of our subbed videos here! The video that you search is not on the list? You can request us to sub it here! As long as it’s in Japanese or have Japanese captions and it’s not already subbed by someone else. You want to know more about us? You can read a bit of our history here. And if perhaps you are curious about our members, you can also see us in this page.

Happy watching! Don’t forget to always support WINNER! Good? Good! Very Good.

Inner Circle exist because WINNER, WINNER exist because Inner Circle. ❤ ❤ ❤


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